Melissa Brown

Marketing, Customer Success, and Coaching in Austin, Texas

Melissa Brown

Marketing, Customer Success, and Coaching in Austin, Texas

πŸ‘‹ Hey, I'm Melissa Brown.

At, I wear three main hats -- Product, Marketing, and Customer Success.

☝️ From writing email content that converts and value props that sell to building high-value partnerships.

✌️ From doing user research and building personas to mapping out UX improvements and ideating high-impact product features.

🀟 From being the front line of support for our millions of users to writing knowledge base articles and building scalable customer success systems.

πŸ’™ My role at allows me to contribute value using all of my varied skills. And I love that.

Most recently, I built a customer feedback process that is timely, relevant, actionable and scalable. Hello user insights for data-driven product decisions πŸ˜‰

In a nutshell, I manage and nurture the end-to-end customer lifecycle and help our customers become "lifers" through successful use of our product.

Around the office, I'm known for my creative solutions, quirkiness and perceptive conclusions of our users' needs.

πŸ€“ I bring a self-studied understanding of psychology and human behavior, practiced empathic communication and public speaking, and an innately diverse set of skills and perspective -- traveling the world for a couple years has something to do with it, my curiosity, copious extracurriculars and drive to create are a big part of it too.

πŸ‘₯ A people person through and through, collaborating and building towards a shared vision together is key for me. I evangelize everything I love and am always strategizing ways to make things better.

When I'm not at work, I'm usually filming or hosting online TV shows, helping people maximize their college and career potential via resumes and application essays, writing about food, or my new fav -- paddleboarding. πŸ„β€β™€οΈ (+much more)

Some notable achievements:

πŸ‘° Officiated 2 friends' weddings this year -- in Cancun & LA!

🌎 Traveled around the world for 1 year with Remote Year - March 2016 (you might see me in FB ads) πŸ‘€

πŸ—£οΈ Presented as the keynote speaker for conferences on topics including self-care, college & career strategy, and personal marketing.

🍽 Currently in the top 4% of writers on TripAdvisor -- mostly about food.

πŸ† Made the "Top Writer" list on Medium for personal development, self-improvement, travel, inspiration, and life lessons.

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    • Loyola Marymount University
Melissa is an avid learner, constantly seeking to improve her craft and grow within the marketing world. She is a hard worker and master brainstormer who brings a fresh perspective to any project and is always a joy to work with. Melissa has a knack for not only identifying problems, but also solving them, improving the customer experience from end to end. She is passionate and always willing to give 100%. She is hands down one of my favorite colleagues and friends in this life!
ZoΓ« | Producer at Beyond
Melissa is a fantastic storyteller, she shares personal moments, combines them with insights that the audience can relate to, and then brings it back to reality by sharing practical strategies for improving in personal and professional life. She did a great job engaging and inspiring the young women in the audience! I would highly recommend her as a speaker or just in general as a person who can professionally represent your organization.
Miriam | Founder & CEO at Miriam Grobman Consulting
Working with Melissa as my career coach has changed my life. Melissa has the best understanding of underlying human motivations of anyone I have ever met. Her ability to quickly diagnose and help modify unwanted behavior is truly astonishing. I feel like I can bring any bad habit or insecurity to Melissa and she will quickly get to the true issue and help devise a plan to deal with it. I feel so lucky to work with her.
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